Frequently Asked Questions

Is Share Cart Free?

Yes, Share Cart is absolutely free on the Shopify store. There are no hidden charges.

How To Install Share Cart?

Just head over to the Shopify App Store page for Share Cart and click install. It’s that simple. No liquid code manipulation is required.

How To Turn On Share Cart For Our Store?

After installing the app, Share Cart is turned on by default. To turn off Share Cart for our store, we have to head over to the app Dashboard and click on the toggle shown below.

Share Cart On/Off Toggle

Can We Change The Look Of The Share Button and Pop-Up?

Yes, definitely! Share Cart features powerful customization options that allow us to change every aspect of our Share Button and Pop-Up, including Colors and Appearance. To learn more about customization in Share Cart, read our academy article on Customization.

Can We Customize the Texts of the Share Button and Pop-up?

Of course. Apart from changing the look of the Share Button and Pop-Up, we can customize its texts to match our requirements. For details about text customization features, read our academy article on Typography.

Can We Customize the Share Widget Position for the Shopping Cart?

Absolutely yes! We can place the Share Widget either above or below the shopping cart to make it convenient for our customers to access it easily. To learn more about this feature, check out our article on Appearance.

Share cart has a Number of Days feature through which we can control how many days the cart link will be active. If the feature is turned off, the link will never expire. If we turn on the feature, we can set the number of days for the link to be active. To know more about this feature, read our article on Links.

Last updated on 18th Aug 2022