Share Cart has a few beautifully designed pre-built themes that we can apply to the Share Button and Pop-Up. To select a theme for our Share Button and Pop-Up, all we have to do is visit the Share Cart Dashboard, click on Pick a Theme at the top, and then choose from the multiple themes that are available!

Screenshot of Share Cart Dashboard-Clicking on Pick a Theme

To apply our desired theme to the Share Button and Pop-Up, we have to click on Apply Theme in the Share Cart Themes modal.

Screenshot of Share Cart Themes modal-Clicking on Apply Theme

Themes included in Share Cart are:

  • White & Black

    White & Black Theme

  • White & Grey

    White & Grey Theme

  • Pastel Blue & Black

    Pastel Blue & Black Theme

  • Aquamarine

    Aquamarine Theme

  • White & Blue

    White & Blue Theme

If we want to customize the colors and fonts of our Share Button and Pop-Up to match it with our store, we can also do that using Share Cart’s powerful Customization options. For more information on that, read our article on Customization.

Last updated on 18th Aug 2022